The Remote Support service is used by AUCOM Surveillance support staff to provide remote assistance to desktop related service calls without physically visiting your site.

Remote Support rates are calculated at 15 minute intervals and need to be paid up front.


Duration Cost (inc. GST)
15 minutes (minimum) $55.00
30 minutes $110.00
45 minutes $165.00
60 minutes $220.00
Consecutive 60 minutes (or part of)  $180.00

Payment Methods

Payments can only be made by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), cheque, money order or by Credit Card.

  • Electronic Funds Transfer payments (EFT)
  • A copy of the transfer confirmation and receipt number is required, otherwise, fund transfer will need to confirmed which may cause a delay of 1-3 working days beforer we can provide Remote Assistance.
  • Cheque and money order Payments
    Funds need to be cleared into our account which usually takes between 1-5 bussiness days.
  • Credit Card payments
    We accept Master Card and Visa credit cards ONLY
    At this point, payments can only be made over the telephone, there is no automatic online payment system.
    We do NOT support AMEX or Diners Club cards


Please read and follow the "System Requirements" section carefully.

System Requirements

You will need a current internet connection available for "Remote Support" sessions to work

We only support "Microsoft® Windows" operating system and "Microsoft® Internet Explorer" browsers

If you require assistance with enabling "Remote Monitoring" and allowing access from the internet to your DVR, please make sure you have the following;

  • The Digital Video Recorder (DVR) needs to be connected to your modem/router via an ethernet cable
  • monitor connected to your DVR in case any settings need to be changed
  • make sure you have the login details to your modem/router
  • Follow the steps below "Using the Remote Support Sessions"
  • Ensure you have correctly installed the remote assistance plugin and that you have the Client ID displayed on the screen.


By design, the internet provides connections to computers which forms the World Wide Web. These connections allow computers to communicate with one another.
Your modem/router is an interface between your computer and the internet.
Most modern modems/routers provide built in security features such as a firewall which provides a level of security between your internal network (LAN) and the external network (WAN). In order to proivide Remote access to your DVR from the internet, some of the firewall settings on your router need to be modified.
By doing this, you are providing a level of access from the external network (WAN) to your internal network (LAN).
Although we take care to only provide the minimum required access to your DVR through your modem/router, we are not faimiliar with your compete LAN infrastructure and cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your network by allowing external access to your DVR.
It is your responsibility and it is important and that you consult your network administrator to ensure that your network is secure.

Using the Remote Support Sessions

Follow the steps to start your remote support session

  1. Click here or navigate your Internet Explorer browser to
  2. Follow the instructions to install the ActiveX control plugin
  3. Once installed, you will receive a "Client ID" code
  4. Provide the AUCOM Surveillance support staff with the "Client ID" code