HD-SDI Cameras

Try this with regular CCTV Security Systems.

After almost a decade of providing the latest in Video Surveillance and Digital Video Security Products and services. AUCOM Surveillance is proud to introduce the 5th generation CCTV Security Camera Technology.

Image of HD CCTV Security Camera HD Security Camera Kit

The Video above is limited to 720p so we can fit it on the screen. The actual resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels! The cameras capture over 2 Million Pixels each.

You just don't get a picture like this from any traditional CCTV system.

The HD-SDI Security Camera CCTV Kit is the latest in CCTV Technology from AUCOM Surveillance.

The RDVRK-HD4 is a complete HD Video Surveillance Package using the latest High Definition Serial Digital Interface (HDSDI).

Each camera is capable of full 1920 x 1080 resolution which is more than 2 Mega-Pixels per camera, this is roughly 6 times the resolution of conventional Surveillance equipment.

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Not all HDSDI Cameras are the same, many cheaper models use a slow shutter to compensate for low light environments. The AUCOM Surveillance HDSDI Cameras use the latest Panasonic CMOS Chipset to overcome this problem and display crystal clear images in any lighting situation, even at low light levels.

CCTV Resolutions

Below is an image of commonly used resolutions in current CCTV Systems.

This image is scaled down to fit it on the page but it's a good comparison of different resolutions.

CCTv Resolutions

1920x1080 image1920x1080 Resolution

1920x1080 Resolution also referred to as 1080p is made possible with a combination of HDSDI Camera and Video Recorder. As with previous technologies, HDSDI captures video from supported cameras and encodes it for storage on internal Hard Drives. The main difference is that, unlike common CCTV systems, the HDSDI cameras and recorders support a much higher resolution.

As can be seen from the image above, 1920x1080 is more than 4 times the resolution of the regular D1 resolution. This means that each camera can capture more than 4 times the amount of data.

By increasing the resolution of each camera means that the same coverage can be achieved with less cameras, object become clearly visible at greater distance, faces become more distinguishable and registration plates become easier to read. Each HDSDI Package includes larger storage to compensate for the greater amount of data required to store the footage.

1920 x 1080 will not fit on this page, to give you a perspective, 1920 x 1080 is almost 3 times wider than the width of this website.

This is what a 1920x1080 image looks like in relation to this website.

Click here to view the image in full resolution.

QCIF Resolution (PAL) or Quarter CIF is equal to 180 x 144 pixels as recorded on the Digital Video Recorder.

This resolution is still supported by most modern Digital Video recorders but provides the lowest resolution size and is no longer regarded as acceptable in any Surveillance application.

CIF Resolution (PAL) or Full CIF is 360 x 288.

Most Digital Video Recorders claim to record FULL D1 resolution, but when all available camera channels are being used, most Recorders will revert the cameras to CIF Resolution, CIF Resolution is a quarter of the resolution of D1 and requires much less storage space to store the same length of video as D1 resolution.

D1 Resolution (PAL) is 720 x 576 is the most commonly used recording resolution used in today's Digital Video Recorders.

Recording in D1 Resolution requires the largest storage space. Storage space is becoming very cheap as the price of Hard Drives fall so this has been adopted as the most acceptable resolution.

Not all D1 Digital Video Recorders support D1 resolution in full frame rate on each camera when recording simultaneously, some recorders will revert to CIF Resolution to maintain frame rate as D1 requires more processing power and a faster Hard Drive to store the video footage.D1 is the highest possible resolution on common CCTV Systems.

The Kits comes pre-configured for motion activated recording and is ready to install. All cables are pre-made and ready for connection, no special terminating tools required and no plugs necessary. 10 meter lengths of cable are included and custom cut lengths are also available.

If your requirements grow, so can the kit. As your business grows, you can simply add additional HDSDI Security kits and view them all the security cameras on the same screen, even if they are in different states or countries.

Compare the features for yourself and we're confident you won't find a more professional package at this price.

Upgrading from existing analog systems is easy!

Because the HDSDI Kit uses the same copper coaxial cabling as older analog cameras, upgrading to HDSDI is as simple as replacing the cameras and plugging in the new Video Recorder, the network, video and power cabling to the cameras remains the same.

When upgrading to an IP system, you may require additional twisted pair cabling, Power Over Ethernet (POE) injectors or switches. An NVR must be configured to each camera and possible additional port forwarding on the router.

This is not the case with HDSDI, since all the uncompressed data runs on the same copper as older systems.