AUCOM have been providing commercial security systems including Wireless and IP network security cameras to businesses for over 5 years. Our commercial security camera kits are a complete package for any business and they can grow with your business. Simply add additional kits from the Q, R or S Series and view all the security cameras on the same screen, even if they are in different states or countries. All our commercial security systems come pre-configured for motion-activated recording and are ready to install.

If you need any assistance choosing commercial security systems or IP cameras we are happy to help, call us to speak to an expert on 1300 280 670

Wireless Security Camera Systems

Image of Wireless Security Camera Systems

Self contained Security Camera Systems with wireless video transmission.

  • Point to Point Security system transmission systems
  • Mesh Security system transmission systems
  • Cellular Security system transmission systems

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Solar Wireless Security Camera Systems

Image of Solar Powered Wireless Security Camera Systems

Self contained Security Camera Systems including Solar Power Systems and Remote 3g Cellular remote monitoring.

Time Lapse Recording System

Image of Timelapse Security Camera Systems

High Definition continuous image capture systems for use in Contruction.

Self contained system uses remote image capture to store the images remotely, there is no need to replace full memory cards or batteries.

Images are transmited securely using 128bit encryption and stored in a secure data center for immediate retreival as a downloadable video or individual images.

Extremly High Resolution up to 24 Megapixel is achieved using High End Nikon Digital SLR cameras.