AUCOM Security Camera System Installation Service AUCOM Surveillance is the leading Australian integrator of complete, customised, cutting edge surveillance systems as well as the most cost effective surveillance solutions, which address specific security requirements.

There are many factors that set us apart from our competitors. One of them is that AUCOM does not deal with dealers or importers but has an exclusive business partnership with some of the world's leading manufactures that specialise in producing the latest technology security surveillance systems currently available on the market.

Long-term relationships with manufacturers, provides our clients with an opportunity to reduce their expenditure on the most technologically advanced equipment whilst being backed by our support, which is second to none.

By using AUCOM Surveillance, our clients further benefit by immediately gaining access to our team of highly experienced security consultants, automation and telecommunication engineers as we all electricians and software developers.

At AUCOM Surveillance, we firmly believe that the key to our ongoing success, apart from the ability to provide our clients with the latest surveillance systems and security equipment solutions has being our unquestionable commitment to provide an effective and professional Support service.

Our most recent clients include the Australian Defence ForceVictoria Police and McDonalds to name but a few.

AUCOM Surveillance is an expert in providing all encompassing multi-tier web enabled surveillance solutions, Australia wide as well as overseas. Just imagine accessing your company's surveillance systems, over the Internet, from one to multiple sites ( e.g. factories, warehouses, offices, stores) at anytime, anywhere in the world.

Our solutions are customised to suit your company's specific needs and requirements, and that unique capacity allows us to integrate our technology with your existing security/surveillance systems.

We understand that each client has their own specific needs, whether it's protecting your physical and intellectual property or your employees' safety.

Therefore, feel free to contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

AUCOM - leaders in I.T. based surveillance systems and equipment.