trackOmeter Review: Best Vehicle Tracking System for Small to Midsize Fleets

By Brian Mitchell

GPS Tracking devices by trackOmeter has been selected as the best Vehicle Tracking System for Small to Midsize Fleets. Fleet managers are always looking for the most optimized way to handle their cars and trucks. The advancements in real-time vehicle tracking systems, software applications and hardware have made it easier to manage the complicated logistics of fleet management efficiently. The trackOmeter system takes advantage of the current technologies and creates one of the best quality GPS fleet tracking services.


Why trackOmeter?

Scalable and Reliable

The GPS Tracker System by trackOmeter provides flexibility for businesses both small and large. If you are a small business with high-growth potential, you will have the option to keep expanding your infrastructure as you grow. The trackOmeter service can easily support mid-sized businesses. The GPS Vehicle tracking system has been used in more than 120 countries in the last 10 years as a scalable and reliable solution.

Here’s why:

Hardware: The trackOmeter GPS tracking device is a reliable piece of hardware that can weather rigorous use. The set up is easy. You can plug into your OBD port and you’re ready to track the vehicle. The ODB2 GPS tracker doesn’t require any power. You can also track motorbikes, boats, industrial and mining equipment.

Software: The trackOmeter has designed a high-quality portal to make your fleet management tasks easier. The platform refreshes current locations every 10 seconds. The draggable timeline plays the historical movement of each vehicle at request. The graphical interface shows your fleet’s performance, trips, idling times, RPM speeds and more. You can create an effective control center using the trackOmeter portal. The platform will provide you with reliable information every step of the way.

Cloud-Based: The trackOmeter platform maintains all GPS vehicle tracking data in the cloud. It means you can access the information from anywhere. Also, as your operation grows, you will be able to scale your fleet tracking easily.



The trackOmeter GPS Tracking device provides high-quality services regardless of fleet size. The trackOmeter Portal is clean, responsive and simple to use on both desktop and mobile devices. It gathers analytics on your fleet's performance. You can use the portal to optimize your fleet’s refueling and maintenance schedule.

Here are other features of trackOmeter:

  • Real-time tracking with 10-second intervals
  • Easy historical playback
  • Live alerts via SMS, email and phone call
  • Geofencing
  • Fleet reporting
  • Government regulatory compliance
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Driver behavior tracking
  • Engine RPM identification
  • Maintenance reporting
  • Secure user login
  • 24 Hour customer service

Other Benefits

No Contracts: You don’t have to sign long contracts. Start paying the low monthly fee to enjoy the benefits of trackOmeter. And you can cancel any time.

The Sim Card is included: All trackers have pre-installed sim cards. There is no need to purchase extra cards and waste time trying to set it up.

Plug and Play: The trackOmeter devices are plug and play. You can just connect the tracker to your the diagnostic ports and you are ready to monitor your vehicles.

No-Reception Tracking: If there’s no cellular connection, the tracker stores information in internal memory and uploads data when the connection is restored.


Due to the cloud-based design, you will need a good internet connection on any device you use to access the portal. It will ensure fast response.

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