Security has always been a human necessity. Whether our ancestors were fighting wolves or sworn enemies, they would have appreciated the crisp images of 4K surveillance systems. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the technology, but we do. So certain places in modern cities should absolutely have 4K surveillance capabilities.

Here are the top 5 places that need to have 4K cameras installed:

City Centers

City centers are the hub of modern life. Local authorities are responsible for taking care of citizens that pass through the public spaces, streets, and shopping centers. Also, there are possibilities of violence, crime, and terrorist attacks. 4K Security Systems can help investigators find out more information about suspects and attackers. For example, there are 5.9 million CCTV systems in the UK. In the aftermath of London Riots in 2011, London police scoured through 200,000 hours of footage to find the suspects who were responsible. Analyzing captured footage takes a lot of patience and poor-quality can make the task even harder. So high-resolution cameras can save time for investigative work. Also, it's cheaper to invest in technology than to spend it on human-hours.


Highway police and emergency services have to keep track of various hazardous situations on the road. They also have to deal with congestion and gridlocks. A Los Angeles initiative used road sensors, surveillance cameras, and central computers to manage the flow of traffic which improved the flow by 16 percent. Similar initiatives can make high-resolution cameras an integral part of modern traffic control.


Railways and subways are modern transportation hubs. Millions of travelers pass through train stations every day. The high-density traffic of these places makes them difficult for precise surveillance. Yet railway stations are one of the most easily accessible and vulnerable places for vandalism and terrorism. High-resolution systems can play a vital role in securing them. Cameras can also be used to notice any anomalies in railway tracks, bridges or tunnels. Noticing problems early can prevent accidents and derailments.


Airports connect the world today. Due to 9/11, every airport in the world had to upgrade their security systems. Only 4K cameras can provide the level of clarity and depth required. Airport cameras have to regularly zoom into suspicious individuals and unattended baggage. They use some of the most advanced face recognition technology. High-resolution plays an important role in keeping these international connection points free from mishaps.


Banks and financial institutions are high-potential targets for theft and fraud. They have to ensure not only on-premise security but also security for ATMs at external locations. High-quality images play an important role in catching frauds. If a fraudster takes advantage of a bank, the institution can always review the captured video in high-resolution to figure out what went wrong. Similarly, if a robbery takes place at an ATM, clear pictures can make it easier to recognize the perpetrator.