Modern 4K UHD Surveillance Systems generally contains the following two components:

4K UHD Security Camera

Depending on the manufacturer, 4K UHD security cameras come in both DCI and broadcasting standards. You can check the resolution to figure out which standard it is following. With 4K UHD cameras, you will get better clarity, digital zoom, and more colors. The 4K UHD cameras have more pixels and sensors to capture every detail of your surveillance images. It is the next natural step towards your video surveillance system update.

4K UHD Network Video Recorder and Storage

You need a specialized networked video recorder with large storage to deal with the amount of data produced by the 4K UHD security cameras. A single 4K UHD camera video stream of 8Mbps can produce 3.52GB of data per hour. Video recording and storage systems use H.264 compression to compress and store video files. This increases the possible amount of video that can be recorded. Also, video recorders have features like motion capture and scheduled recording. These features can also help increase recording times.


4K UHD video surveillance systems are the future. They can provide the level of detail and clarity that you expect from a high-end surveillance system.