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Image of 4 Camera Recorders AUDVR-D4



4 Channel MPEG-4 Pentaplex, Stand Alone Digital Video Recorder. 120fps, USB, VGA, Remote Viewing Software, PTZ Control, HVGA Recording Resolution, Linux Embedded OS.

MPEG-4 Pentaplex Standalone AUDVR-D4 supports Live / Recording / Playback / Backup / Network simultaneously. 120 frame per second recording allows smooth playback of events. E–mail notification with image clip attachments. Multi–site System Management Software and e–mapping function support. The recorder is rack mountable so it is well suited to warehouses, shopping centers and general CCTV Surveillance applications.

The AUDVR-D4 Digital Video Recorder (DVR) provides recording capabilities for four camera inputs. It provides exceptional picture quality in both live and playback modes.

Major Features

  • 4 Composite Input Connectors
  • Compatible with Color (NTSC or PAL) and B&W (CCIR and EIA-170) Video Sources
  • Multi-tasking Operation (Pentaplex) - Simultaneous Live / Record / Playback / Network / Backup
  • Enhanced MPEG-4 Compression (Average file size: 1~2.5kb)
  • Embedded Linux Operating System
  • Favourites Function
  • Live Record
  • Full Screen Mode
  • Up to 120 fps of recording Rate
  • Backup files into AVI & JPEG Formats
  • Multiple Simultaneous Video Outputs: 1 Main Monitor, 1 VGA Monitor, 1 Spot Monitors
  • E-mail Notification with an image clip when alarming.
  • Built-in Multiplexer
  • User Friendly Graphic menu and Pop-up menu
  • Multiple Search Modes and Smart Search Function
  • Hidden / Covert Camera Function
  • RS-422/485 for Speed dome and Keyboard controller
  • Support for various PTZ Protocols
  • HDD Mirroring between Internal HDD and External HDD
  • Remote Configuration / Software Upgrade
  • Mini Player: Auto Installation onto CD or DVD(optional) during backup
  • Easy Backup to CD–RW or DVD–RW(optional)
  • Remote Backup
  • Built-in Backup Device: CD-RW
  • External Backup Device Support(USB 2.0): Memory Stick, External HDD
  • Various Interfaces: Mouse, IR remote Controller, Keyboard Controller
  • Multi-site, Enterprise Level Client Software with e-Map and 64ch Monitoring
  • Web Browser (Internet Explorer 6.0)
  • Static and Dynamic IP support / Dynamic DNS Service for Easy Remote Connection
  • Continuous Recording in Disk Overwrite Mode
  • Alarm Connections Include: Input, Output.
  • Built-in Alarm Buzzer


The DVR can replace both a time-lapse VCR and a multiplexer in a security installation. However, it has many features that make it much more powerful and easier to use than even the most advanced VCR.

The DVR converts analog NTSC or PAL video to digital images and records them on a hard disk drive. Using a hard disk drive allows you to access recorded video almost instantaneously; there is no need to rewind tape. The technology also allows you to view recorded video while the DVR continues recording video.

Digitally recorded video has several advantages over analog video recorded on tape. There is no need to adjust tracking. You can freeze frames, fast forward, fast reverse, slow forward and slow reverse without image streaking or tearing. Digital video can be indexed by time or events, and you can instantly view video after selecting the time or Event.

Your DVR can be set up for event or time-lapse recording. You can define times to record, and the schedule can change for day, night, weekend and user defined holidays.

The DVR can be set up to alert you when the hard disk drive is full, or it can be set up to record over the oldest video once the disk is full.

Your DVR uses a proprietary encryption scheme making it nearly impossible to alter video.

You can view video and control your DVR remotely by connecting via modem or Ethernet. A built in CD-RW is standard and can be easily upgradd to a DVD-RW for quick and easy backup  to DVD. There is a USB port that can be used to record or archive video to external hard disk drives or memory sticks.

The AUCOM Surveillance AUDVR-D4 Digital Video Recorder designed for High–End Video Surveillance and CCTV SURVEILLANCE applications.

Special Functions

Cameo Live/Playback Function

Live monitoring and playback can be performed on the same screen. Enables you to review recorded footage without missing out on the current action.

e-Map Function

Locating any cameras throughout multiple locations is easily accomplished by draggind & dropping cameras from a map overlay. Convenient hot key menu supports Event Pop-up,
Digital Zoom, Video Save and Print.

Loop Through Video for easy Integration

Each AUDVR-E Series Recorder is equipped with full video looping outputs for connecting additional devices such as additional monitors.

Extensive Backup Options

  • Backup using USB or Network
  • Export files as AVI for easy viewing on external players
  • Export still images in JPEG format
  • Backup by Schedule, Alarm or Motion

GUI (Graphical User Interface)

  • User Friendly graphical menu
  • Convenient Pop-up driven
  • Easy navigation
  • Multiple level password restricted
  • Simple or advanced style menu preferences

Live Viewer / Search Viewer

  • 64 channel simultaneous monitoring and recording
  • Cameo Live or Playback per channel
  • Timeline based search
  • Remote alarm In/Out control
  • Remote PTZ control
  • Favourites function
  • Live image Save and Print
  • Digital zoom

SMS (Server Management Software)

  • Remote event monitoring
  • Event log management
  • Manages unlimited number of DVRs
  • E-map based monitoring
  • Remote server configuration
  • Remote server upgrade
  • Remote back-up
  • Remote CD burning
  • Extensive SDK included

Web Viewer

  • MS Internet Explorer viewer
  • Remote alarm In/Out control
  • Easy navigation
  • Remote PTZ control
  • Digital zoom
  • Live image Save and Print
AlarmingAlarm Output1
Alarm Input4
Alarm DurationAdjustable
Video Loss AlarmSupported
Motion Detection294 Zone / 5 Sensitivity Levels
AudioAudio Input1
Audio Output1
Compression TypeG.726
GeneralOperating temperature (°C)0 - 40°C
Dimensions (WxHxD)350mm x 260mm x 70mm
Weight (kg)6kg (No HDD)
Operating SystemEmbedded Linux
Recording ModeRound-the-clock, Motion Detect, Schedule, Alarm
Backup MediaHDD, NAS, USB Memory Stick/ HDD, Network
InterfaceRS-232 Port1
RS-485 Port1
ControlsFront Panel, Remote Control, Web interface, Remote Software
SerialRS-232, RS-485 (PTZ)
MiscWarranty1 Year
PowerOperating Voltage12VDC
Power Consumption5A
Regulated PowerYes
Power Input TypeDC
VideoCompression TypeEnhanced MPEG-4
Video SystemNTSC or PAL (Auto Selection)
Video Input4
Compression RateVariable
Frame Rate (fps)100fps
Video Output1 Composite (BNC), 1 Composite (Spot Monitor), 1 VGA (Digital)
SearchGraphical Timeline (Time & Date), Camera, Motion, Alarm, Video Loss
Picture AdjustmentBrightness, Contrast, Chroma, Saturation
Playback ModesForward & Reverse: Pause, Field by Field, Normal Speed, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, Panorama, Motion
On Screen DisplayCamera name, date/time, Recording mode, Event view
Video Output Signal1 Composite (BNC), 1 VGA
Recording SpeedPAL: CIF(100fps), HVGA(50fps), NTSC: CIF(120fps), HVGA(60fps)
Recording ResolutionPAL: CIF(336x272), HVGA(672x272), NTSC: CIF(336x224), HVGA(672x224)
Display ScreenSimultaneous Live / Record / Playback / Network / Backup
Camera Title13 Characters per Channel
Recording Adjustments4 Levels of Resolution / Recording Frame Rate Adjustment Per Channel
Spot Monitor1
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