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Image of 16 Camera Recorders AUDVR-S1648 Image of RUHE Systems



16 channel, 1 terabyte Storage, h264 Professional Realtime Network Digital Video Recorder, DVD-RW, Full D1, Pre-Alarm Recording, Watermark, Audio, Motion Detection, Ethernet, PTZ, Email Notification

Professional H.264 Digital Video Recorder - AUDVR-S1648 features impressive dual streaming network transfer system for fast and flexible network operation with a crystal clear H.264 Digital image. With support for up to 4Tb Storage, it is best suited to professional users.

The AUDVR-S1648 offers the H.264 codec for better image quality with the optimum other compression performance. Also you will experience faster network transmission speed by double compression of the transmissed video stream.

With built in 1Tb Storage (1 terabyte = 1,024 gigabytes) and built in DVD-RW, you can be sure that there is plenty of archived information available for playback.

For users who are looking for a cost-effective DVR with a built in DVD Writer and which supports additional Hard Drive expansion, The AUDVR-S1648 offers H.264 codec for the highest image quality with the optimum compression performance in the same specification around the world. This powerful DVR supports dual streaming for efficient network operation and is available to record in Full D1 (720 x 576) Resolution.

The AUDVR-S1648 is an 8 channel recorder that is well suited to industrial environments where full control and easy DVD Archiving is necessary. The AUDVR-S Series also includes a smaller 4 channel AUDVR-S0412 Recorder and the 8 channel AUDVR-S0824 for smaller installations.

The entire AUDVR-S Series of recorders is 19" Rack Mountable for professional Server Room Installations where multiple units may be required for a complete surveillance solution.

Front View

Rear View


Key Features

  • Clear and Vibrant Video with full D1 Resolution
  • User Friendly GUI(Flexible, Easy and Convenient)
  • Advanced CMS Software(Convenient and Versatile Software)
  • S.M.A.R.T(Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology)
  • Dual Stream (Dual Streaming for High Speed Internet)
  • External Storage(Maximum External Storage Extension)
  • ATM/POS (Patent Pending, Recording Transaction Data from ATM/POS)

CMS Features

  • Up to X 64 Channel Display
  • Remote Multi Site Control
  • Remote PTZ Control
  • Health Check System
  • Remote Setup (Configuration)
  • Remote Event Search Engine
  • Remote Date/Time Search Engine
  • 2-Way Audio (Bi-Directional)
  • Local Recording (NVR Function) & Playback
  • Local Playback
  • Archiving (EXE/JPEG File Format)
  • Remote Alarm Out Control
  • Local Audio Out Volume Control
  • Local Account
  • Remote Log Display
  • Remote Camera Color Adjustment
  • WCS (Watermark Check System)
  • E-MAP
  • Keyboard Controller
  • Remote S/W Upgrade

Web Client Features

  • Multi Channel Display
  • PTZ Control
  • Live Monitoring
  • Freeze Function
  • Channel and Camera Number Display
AlarmingAlarm Output16
Alarm Input16
Alarm DurationAdjustable
Video Loss AlarmYes
pre-event RecordingYes
Motion Detection330 Zone
AudioAudio Input16
Audio Output1
GeneralDimensions (WxHxD)430mm x 88mm x 380mm
Operating temperature (°C)5 - 40°C
Operating SystemEmbedded Linux
Recording ModeRound-the-clock, Motion Detect, Schedule, Alarm, Emergency
Backup MediaDVD-RW, CD-RW, USB Memory Stick/ HDD, Network
RS-485 Port1
ControlsFront Panel, Remote Control, Web interface, Remote Software
SerialRS-232, RS-485 (PTZ)
MiscWarranty1 Year
PowerOperating Voltage12VDC
Power Consumption5A
Regulated PowerYes
Power Input TypeDC
VideoVideo SystemNTSC or PAL (Auto Selection)
Video Input16
Frame Rate (fps)400fps
Compression TypeH.264
Video Output1 Composite (BNC), 3 Composite (Spot Monitor), 1 VGA
Playback ModesForward & Reverse: Pause, Field by Field, Normal Speed, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x, 64x, Extreme
Video Output Signal1 Composite (BNC), 1 VGA
Recording SpeedPAL: CIF(400fps), H.D1(200fps), D1(100fps) NTSC: CIF(480fps), H.D1(240fps), D1(120fps)
Recording ResolutionPAL: CIF(352x288), H.D1(352x576), D1(704x576) NTSC: CIF(352x240), H.D1(352x480), D1(704x480)
Spot Monitor3
16 Dec 2011AUDVRCMS_2.21.04_Setup_eng AUDVRCMS_2.21.04_Setup_eng.exe
AUDVR-(Q,R,S,T) CMS Control Software
06 Sep 2012AUDVRCMS_2.22.16_Setup_eng AUDVRCMS_2.22.16_Setup_eng.exe
AUDVR-(Q,R,S,T) CMS Control Software
23 Sep 2010AUDVRCMS_UserManual AUDVRCMS_UserManual.pdf
User Manual for AUDVR - (Q,R,S,T) Series Models
21 Feb 2013AUDVRCMS_2.24.05_Setup_eng AUDVRCMS_2.24.05_Setup_eng.exe
AUDVR-(Q,R,S,T) CMS Control Software
18 Feb 2014AUDVRCMS_1.24.02_eng_MAC_OS AUDVRCMS_1.24.02_eng_MAC_OS.dmg
AUDVR-(Q,R,S,T) CMS Control Software for MacOS
14 Apr 2014AUDVRCMS_Pro_3.30.52_Setup_eng AUDVRCMS_Pro_3.30.52_Setup_eng.exe
Pro Version of CMS