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Image of DVR Accessories PC-NETRS232-RS485 Card for AVR Series DVR
Converts RS-232 to RS-485 for PTZ control.
Image of DVR Accessories PC-DSP8TV Out Connector for AVR Series DVR
Real-Time Picture Quality, 1-RCA Multiplexed TV-Out Connector, Compatible with all.
Image of DVR Accessories AVR-REMRemote Control for AVR Series DVR
IR Remote Control for the AVR series DVR recorders.
Image of DVR Accessories PC-DCAPPOS Card for AVR Series DVR
Captures Point of Sale (POS) transaction and Access Control data.
Image of DVR Accessories PC-AUD1616 Channel Audio Card for AVR Series DVR
16-ch of Audio, ADPCM 8 bit MONO Compression for AVR.
Image of DVR Accessories PC-NETiRS232-RS485 Card for AVR Series DVR
RS-232 to RS-485 Converter card. Used for PTZ control.
Image of DVR Accessories PC-IOiRS232-RS485 Card for AVR Series DVR
RS-232 to RS-485 Converter card. Used for PTZ control. Includes.
Image of DVR Accessories PC-I1212 Channel Digital Card for AVR Series DVR
12 channel digital inputs provides an interface for devices such.
Image of DVR Accessories PC-IODigital Input Output Card for AVR Series DVR
8 point digital input and 16 point digital output controller.
Image of DVR Accessories PC-REL88 Channel Relay Card for AVR Series DVR
Relay output module with 8-point relay output interface. Connects to.
Image of DVR Accessories HDD250250Gb DVR Hard Drive
250Gb Storage Drive for AVR series recorders.
Image of DVR Accessories GVPOSUSB2POS Interface Card for AVR Series Recorders
POS interface, 2 channel Graphical Point Of Sale Transaction capture.
Image of DVR Accessories GV-VS02Geovision 2 Channel Network Server
GeoVision GV-VS02 Video Server, digitizes two analog video signals and.
Image of DVR Accessories GV-MULTI-QUADGeovision Quad Card
GeoVision Multi Quad Card - Allows 5 additional TV screen.


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Image of DVR Accessories PC-O12



Provides 12-point relay outputs as an interface to your external devices such as alarms and gates

Output channels 12 Status Normally Open Capacitance 2A / 30V DC 0.25A / 250AC ON Time 4ms DC IN DC 5V, 1A Operating Temperature 0~50 degree C Humidity 5%~95% (non-condensing) Hardware Required PC-NET/IO
There are no Specifications available
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