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Image of HDSDI CCTV Kits RDVRK-HD88 Security Camera FULL HD CCTV HDSDI Kit
Includes 8 HDSDI Security Cameras, 1920x1080 Digital Video Recorder, 2TB.


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Image of HDSDI CCTV Kits RDVRK-HD4 Image of RUHE Systems

4 Security Camera FULL HD CCTV HDSDI Kit


Includes 4 HDSDI Security Cameras with IR, 1920x1080 Digital Video Recorder, 2TB Storage, Motion Detection, Remote Monitoring Software.

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26 Nov 2013RCD-20036SDIR_Brochure RCD-20036SDIR_Brochure.pdf
Brochure of the RCD-20036SDIR
11 Feb 2014RDVR-HQ04_UserManual RDVR-HQ04_UserManual.pdf
User Manual for HD-SDI RDVR-HD04 model recorder
07 Aug 2014RDVR-HQ_UMS_MacOS_Client_1.1.5_120418
MacOS Client Software for HD-SDI RDVR-HD series of recorders