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Image of Digital CCTV Kits AUDVRK-Q44 Security Camera and DVR CCTV Kit with Monitor
Includes 4 Security Cameras, Monitor, h264 Professional Digital Video Recorder,.


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Image of Digital CCTV Kits AUDVRK-Q8 Image of RUHE Systems

8 Security Camera and DVR CCTV Kit with Monitor


Includes 8 Security Cameras, Monitor, h264 Professional Digital Video Recorder, 1TB Storage, D1 Resolution, Motion Detection, Remote Monitoring Software.

The latest 8 Security Camera CCTV Kit is the 3rd Generation in Proven CCTV Equipment provided by AUCOM Surveillance.

The AUDVRK-Q8 is a D-I-Y package that comes complete with a Professional grade h264 Digital Video Recorder with huge 1TB (1,024GB) Storage, remote control, 8 high resolution dome cameras - choose from internal or external Day/Night models, CMS Remote Monitoring Software and a Portable TFT Colour Monitor. The unit also comes with a free iPod/iPad App available for download from the Apple iTunes Store.

The Kits comes pre-configured for motion activated recording and is ready to install. All cables are pre-made and ready for connection, no special terminating tools required and no plugs necessary. 10 meter lengths of cable are included and custom cut lengths are also available.

If your requirements grow, so can the kit. As your business grows, you can simply add additional kits from the Q, R or S Series and view them all the security cameras on the same screen, even if they are in different states or countries.

Compare the features for yourself and we're confident you won't find a more professional package at this price.

Click here for full details on the 8 channel AUDVR-Q8 Security Camera Kit

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27 Jan 2009AUDVR-D8 Brochure AUDVR-D8 Brochure.pdf
16 Sep 2012RCD-700036IR_Brochure RCD-700036IR_Brochure.pdf
Brochure of the RCD-700036IR
17 Sep 2012CCTV_Security_Camera_Kit CCTV_Security_Camera_Kit.pdf
Security Camera Kit
21 Feb 2013AUDVRCMS_2.24.05_Setup_eng AUDVRCMS_2.24.05_Setup_eng.exe
AUDVR-(Q,R,S,T) CMS Control Software
18 Feb 2014AUDVRCMS_1.24.02_eng_MAC_OS AUDVRCMS_1.24.02_eng_MAC_OS.dmg
AUDVR-(Q,R,S,T) CMS Control Software for MacOS
14 Apr 2014AUDVRCMS_Pro_3.30.52_Setup_eng AUDVRCMS_Pro_3.30.52_Setup_eng.exe
Pro Version of CMS